5 Best Chrome Extension to increase your Productivity

Google Chrome comes with a huge collection of extensions and apps . Today lets talk about useful extensions to improve your productivity by reducing your time wasting, organizing  your content while surfing the net.

1. LastPass

Today almost every site comes with members profile. So  you may end up with several user name and passwords. Practically its not possible to remember all these. Last pass is well-known password storage services. This has chrome extension where you can store all your password from single user name and password.


2. AdBlock

Its very annoying when so many pop up adds are coming while visiting a website. This extensions blocks all these adds and you can visit the site . Recently AdBlock was challenged in court and won so users can use it with confidence.



This is another very useful extension for writing. It automatically checks any spelling mistakes and grammatical error while your writing and highlights it as you move your cursor over so you can quickly correct the error.


4. Nimbus Screenshot

This another useful feature to get screen shots quickly. It has different options to take screen shot e.g. full page, selected area, visible area etc. Further you can add text boxes, labels, arrow.etc and make the screen shot in single click.


5. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has several extensions and apps. This extension help you to quickly save your content while surfing the net to your Evernote account . You can bookmark the page or save the content to your notebook as article , simplified article or even take screen shot and then share it easily.



We hope these extension will help you make your life more productive. Productivity is the same reason we build clean websites so time can be saved. Can you add to this list? What productivity apps have we missed?

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