Protect your website with these tips!

When it comes to a health website, Sri Lanka is no different to any other country. Whether your website is a.com or .lk or even if your website is hosted locally you are vulnerable to getting hacked and losing your precious data. Based on the recently released website safety tips released by Google, here are our best practices to make sure your website and data are safe:

Always use latest and trusted

  • Always use the latest CMS versions. Don’t listen to those who says older versions are better unless you are having some sort of outdated plugin.
  • When creating password never create one password for all administrator logins. Also limit the access retries with a plugin.
  • Always ensure your plugins are reliable and reputable (This link will show you how)

See through the eyes of Google

  • Another thing you can do is when a site is down is see if the hacker has redirected traffic to a hacked page.
  • You can use the Fetch as Google tool which is basically your website as seen by Google. Check it out.

Google also recommends you use a secure FTP or SFTP, check your htaccess and similar sensitive files for read/write permissions and always be vigilant for any sort of change in files or structure when you access your web admin panel.

These are just some of the tips we use to protect our sites. What sort of tools do you use? Give us your thoughts here or @hlabcrew!

(CC Flickr kris krüg https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)


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