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The Healthcare industry is looking for solutions to reduce the cost of clinical administrative services and at the same time to uplift the service provided to the patients and customers. Without a digitized system, an efficient practice cannot functions today. You can’t obtain effective results and eliminate faults by relying solely on manual systems. An effective information system can give more thorough analysis given quicker to help you make a more informed decision.

Health Lab Crew offers solutions to help health care organizations lower their IT and system costs and at the same time to achieve customer expectations. We as health care professionals have industry experience and domain knowledge which enables us to develop and implement secure and reliable solutions to our clients.

Our Services

    • Increase your patient base
    • increase awareness of services
    • expand your practice to a larger scale
    • Work smarter and streamline office functions

    Medical Web Development

    • EMR / PHR
    • Laboratory Information Management Systems
    • Medical Billing sys
    • Appointment Schdulling

    Medical Software Development

    • Research Design
    • Data Collection Data Entry
    • Data Analysis

    Medical Research Consultation

    • Promote your medical event on social media
    • Target your advertising to a medical audience
    • Flexible pricing plans on event or monthly basis

    Social Media Event Promotion

    • allow your organization to train
    • your medical registrars, students
    • without having to be physically present.

    e-Learning systems

Our Projects

Whether its your website, software or medical research, Our Health Informatics projects are personally supervised by a Medical Doctor.

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  • Wordpress
  • Medical Web Sites
  • Medical Software
  • Social Media
  • Leprosy
  • Medical Conference
  • Medical Clinic
  • PHP/Mysql
  • Database
  • College Website

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